The Kayak Bass Fishing Podcast purpose is to give Anglers not only a voice in our community and industry, but allow our fellow Anglers to actually get to know who we are as people, regardless of how well we may or may not place in a tournament and what tournament series we fish.

This show is prerecorded. While we may not have the best post production, the goal is always to keep the show between 30-45 minutes. The format is straight forward: quick updates on past major events and updates on upcoming events, an angler interview and when appropriate an interview with someone within our industry or outside of our industry that is a supporter, and a few hot topics on the table from the various forums surrounding our community.

Have someone you think we should interview? Send us an email.

Have a topic you want covered? Send us an email.

Have some constructive comments for the show…yes…you guessed it. Send us an email.

Bottom line, let us know what you want more of. Are we missing out on an Angler that has a great back story? Let us know!!

Tight Lines!!!